About Us


We Started with a Dream!

We started with a dream to find a way to make teen travel accessible to everyone in Toronto.  Travel creates more understanding, well rounded teens because it allows us to see how  other people live.  When we realized that main teens with a diagnosis are bullied on group trips we decided there had to be something done about it.  


Meet our Founder!

Becky Copeland spent four summers working at a special needs summer camp in Pennsylvania where she was able to realize her passion for working with ASD.  She spent he undergraduate studying international development allowing her to travel to Kenya, Australia and India.  When she moved back to Canada she wanted to find a way to bring Autism and travel together.  Creating Day Dreamers Club has been a big heart project for her, giving her a space to constantly create new outlets for teenagers with Autism.  


Trip of a Lifetime!

Our priority is to ensure that all of our participants have an unforgettable trip.  We work to create memories and friendships that can be talked about for years to come.  Finding trips that connect history, adventure, and exploration to create the trip of a lifetime!